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Our Cookie Policy page explains the different types of cookies on our website, their work, and how to control them. We want you to feel comfortable using our website and services, so we are transparent about how we collect and use cookies.

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We provide you with the option to opt out of some of the cookies. Be advised that disabling some of these cookies could hurt or slow down your browsing experience.

Classifying Cookies by their Function

Cookies can be classified by the work they do.

Performance Cookies

Also known as analytical cookies, performance cookies record how you interact with the website. It’s through these cookies that we know the most popular pages or features on Bitcoin Loophole.

Performance cookies help us draw a pattern of the overall usage of our website. These analytical reports are crucial in making decisions on improving the website for your best experience.

Functionality Cookies

When you come to our website, we want you to enjoy every part of your visit. We remember some of your previous activities and customise content to fit your preferences.

Functionality cookies help us remember your choices on our website and personalise our services to you. Customising these services allows you to have a seamless, optimised experience.

First and Third-party Cookies

Cookies are also classified based on their source: First-party cookies are those from Bitcoin Loophole’s web servers. Third-party cookies come from other online service providers such as web analytics, advertisers, and crawlers.

First-Party Cookies

Any cookie stored on your device is a first-party cookie. These are cookies that collect info to improve your experience. These first-party cookies keep count of your return visits, login credentials, and advert interactions on our website. We mainly use these cookies for reporting statistical data. It’s through these cookies we get your IP address, the time you took on our website, as well as pages that might have referred you to us.

Third-Party Cookies

Crawlers, analytical service providers, and advertisers are some of our third-party cookie partners. These cookies deliver customised services to you and collect your location number of times you visit the website, your IP address device, and the browsers you use.

Note that we shall not be liable for any of the third-party cookies on our site. Such cookies are covered by the privacy policies of their respective providers.

Google is one of our third-party partners, and they may collect some data from you or store cookies on your computer. Find out how Google uses data collected from you on this link.

Sessional Cookies

The website uses both sectional and persistent cookies. The session cookie expires once you close your tab. The persistent cookie remains on your device for more extended periods.

How should I control cookies?

The power to control cookies used by Bitcoin Loophole is in your hands. You can accept or refuse cookies from us by choosing that option when you enter our website. Go to the “Help” or “Settings” menu on your internet browser to learn how you can disable cookies.

You can also opt out of persistent cookies by removing them from your browser or clearing your caches and cookies. You can also use our website without these cookies, but that would mean you won’t access some of our essential features.

For Inquiries

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