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Risk Disclaimer

Trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies entail extreme risk due to the volatility of the market; thus, never invest more money than you can potentially lose. Cryptocurrency trading and investing are not appropriate for everyone. You can lose your entire capital!

Our main articles are to educate and inspire our visitors/users. This website does not offer legal, financial, or other professional guidance. We do not give financial advice or provide broker comparisons. Any material provided on the website should not be construed as legal or professional advice on how to make a specific choice concerning cryptocurrency use, investment, or trading.

The website's content is provided "as is," with no warranties or assurances of any kind. We will make every effort to offer accurate information, but we will not be held liable for any errors or omissions. Our website features one-of-a-kind and unusual cases. Based on your level of experience, devotion, and hard work, your results will differ. Past performance does not guarantee future success. You acknowledge that you are using any and all information provided on this website at your own risk.

Kindly be informed that cryptocurrency CFDs are not regulated in the United Kingdom, as per PS 20/10. The United Kingdom's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has begun to impose restrictions on the selling, promotion, and distribution of CFDs on digital assets. As a result, CFDs cannot be sold to UK investors by providers situated outside the UK.

Your trading outcomes are entirely your responsibility. Our tools do not promise that you will achieve the best outcomes possible. To minimise trading risks, always conduct comprehensive research. We highly suggest that you obtain independent financial counsel from a licensed specialist before making any investment decision.

Affiliate Disclosure

Some of the website's links may direct you to our affiliate partners. Affiliate partners are companies with which our site has a business relationship. It is possible that if you click and engage on an affiliate link in one of our publications, we will be paid. We never allow incentives to affect our material, and we put a lot of effort into our marketing strategies.

We strongly advise you to read the terms and conditions of every website you view before proceeding. We have no authority or control over and accept no responsibility for third-party websites or services, including their content, guidelines, or policies.

These Terms and Conditions are a legally binding contract between you and Bitcoin Loophole. Note that investing remains a risky venture.

Our Terms and Conditions page describes how we relate to you. It would be best if you read it together with our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.

These Terms and Conditions are a legally binding contract between you (party visiting or using features or services of and its subsidiaries) and Bitcoin Loophole. By opening our links, we assume that you have read, understood, and consented to every piece of the Terms and Conditions expressed on this page. If you don't agree to all the conditions raised herein, you're prohibited from using this website.

General Summary

By using our website, applications, or features herein, you agree that:

You may:

You may not:

DMCA Policy

We are diligent in complying with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Therefore, we respect the intellectual privacy of other parties. If you suspect that our website, applications, or social profiles have infringed any copyright, please notify us immediately, and we'll investigate the matter and possibly take it down.

Unless otherwise stated, the website applications and platforms are our proprietary property, including all code, software, features, databases, text, video, audio, designs, photos, graphics, and logos. Every piece of content that forms part of our assets is protected by copyright and trademark legislation. Any unfair use shall attract a hefty penalty as permitted by the law.


We reserve the right to edit, correct or update information on our website – including pricing, rebranding, availability, or typographical errors – without notice.

It's within our rights to discontinue or modify part of the whole website and service without any prior notice. You consent that we shall not be liable for any inconvenience that arises from the changes or discontinuance of any service or feature on our website.

We shall not be obligated to maintain the operations or support of this website or sustain updates, corrections, or notifications therewith.

Termination of Use

You are at liberty to exit or terminate any of our services or platforms at any time.

Unregistered users need to close their tab, clear and delete their browser cache and cookies and end their session.

Premium registered users, however, would have to write to us about their decision. It is within our rights to oblige or accept such applications.

Bitcoin Loophole owns and reserves the rights to approve, suspend, and terminate user accounts due to, but not limited to, breach of any of the terms of service highlighted on this page.

User Data

You consent to collecting, using, and storing some of your data to maintain our website's seamless performance. You also agree to be solely responsible for all data transmitted

Further, you agree that Bitcoin Loophole shall take no liability for the loss or corruption of such data and waive any right to legal action against us inspired by the loss, corruption, collecting, using, and storing of such data.

At Bitcoin Loophole, we care about your privacy. Using our services, you agree that your data will be collected, used, and stored under the stipulations of our Privacy Policy

Children Protection

We do not sell any personal information owned by minors. If we notice that a minor has registered on our website, we shall investigate the matter and delete all their data from our servers.

For Questions About our Terms and Conditions

If you have any queries about any of our Terms and Conditions, you can talk to the Bitcoin Loophole support team. It would help if you addressed all comments, inquiries, letters, or questions in the contact form.

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