Terms of Use

1. General

Welcome to the official terms of use of the Bitcoin Loophole website. The following terms of use apply to all users of the official Bitcoin Loophole website and any related subsites.

All users of Bitcoin Loophole should be of legal age according to their local jurisdiction, whether 18, 21, or otherwise. Before using the Bitcoin Loophole website, we advise all users to thoroughly read through the following terms of use to ensure that they agree and understand them.


2. Disclaimer of Risk

The primary role of the Bitcoin Loophole website is to relay a wide array of information to the site's users, giving them a chance to develop an understanding of the general crypto industry. We also provide opportunities to connect with some of the world’s most trusted cryptocurrency brokers.

However, it is important to note that Bitcoin Loophole is neither licensed nor attempts to be a financial consultant, broker, or crypto market expert.

The Bitcoin Loophole website aims to inform and benefit our users with connections to leading brokers. But it’s important to note that none of our content should be taken as financial advice.

Nor do we guarantee that all of the content on the Bitcoin Loophole site is accurate, correct, or up to date. Naturally, due to the volatile nature of the crypto market, we take no responsibility for any potentially damaging incidents that may stem from using the content on our site.

The crypto market is unstable, with many investors losing more money than they initially invested. Any potential new trader should ensure they are well informed of the risks involved in cryptocurrency trading. Before investing in crypto, seek the advice of a trustworthy and licensed financial advisor.

According to the Monetary Lead Authority of the United Kingdom, direct trading of cryptocurrency CFDs is prohibited in the United Kingdom (FCA). In addition, CFDs cannot be proposed to UK monetary patrons by traders outside the UK, as demonstrated by PS 20/10.

3. Disclosure of Affiliate Links

Across the Bitcoin Loophole website and its subsites, users may find authorised affiliate links to products and services we have agreed to endorse and that we feel will potentially benefit our readers.

Whenever a website user clicks on these affiliate links and makes a purchase, Bitcoin Loophole can receive a commission at no cost to the user. It is worth remembering that Bitcoin Loophole can profit regardless of your investment results through purchases made through these links.

In addition, Bitcoin Loophole is not responsible for any profits or losses from using the products, services, or websites we endorse via affiliate links. The people responsible are those behind said third-party product or service.

As a result, we advise that all users research the relevant sections of said sites to ensure for their peace of mind that they are the right platform for them.

4. Technical Issues & Accuracy of Content

Due to the high-speed, unpredictable, and volatile nature of the cryptocurrency markets, Bitcoin Loophole cannot guarantee that all of the content throughout our site will be consistently up-to-date, reliable, or correct.

In addition, we cannot guarantee that any of the outsider products, services, or websites we link out to are trustworthy, up-to-date, or correct. The third-party partners we hyperlink to all have a similar aim of informing their users with a range of crypto information and trading services.

We are not held responsible for the materials offered by third-party partners, and we encourage you to take responsibility and do your own research on their effectiveness.

In addition, the Bitcoin Loophole website is not immune from service outages and technical issues. Periodically, we will need to update the website throughout the year, which may or may not temporarily interfere with the site's running. When we carry out these changes and updates, we reserve the right not to give any prior notice to the users of our site.

5. Safeguarded Content

All of the data, information, and content posted on the Bitcoin Loophole website should be considered the intellectual property of Bitcoin Loophole unless stated otherwise. The Bitcoin Loophole website has obtained prior permission to use and repost all of the content on the site.

Naturally, Bitcoin Loophole does not permit users to duplicate, copy, or repost any of our content, whether for free or for some kind of compensation, unless they have obtained explicit permission from Bitcoin Loophole first.

6. Dismissal of Responsibility

This section of our terms of use covers the ways that Bitcoin Loophole is not responsible if any negative issues arise through our site. By negative issues, we are referring to things such as, but not limited to:

Short-term errors or site updates which can lead to the temporary downing of Bitcoin Loophole’s website or delayed response from the site admins.

Negative issues stemming from incorrect, outdated, or invalid articles, content, or other material on Bitcoin Loophole or third-party sites and organisations may be hyperlinked to the Bitcoin Loophole site.

7. Changes to the Bitcoin Loophole Site

The Bitcoin Loophole team reserves the right to adjust or modify the website, including the current terms of use you are reading, without prior notice given to our website users. When an update or change is made to the Bitcoin Loophole website, the changes will take effect from the moment you use the website again.

8. Security and Cookies

Like any modern website, Bitcoin Loophole uses cookies to provide a superior website experience to our users. A cookie is a small text file dispatched to a user's device via the Bitcoin Loophole site server.

Once there, the cookies remain on the browser of a user’s phone, PC, laptop, or another internet-connected device so that the website can identify them easily and provide a custom site experience.

There are various cookies, from Google Analytics to permanent and temporary cookies. But overall, all cookies work together to ensure a smooth site operation and to give users of a website like Bitcoin Loophole a better experience that is more convenient and faster.

Overall, cookies are a crucial tool in the backend of any modern website. But it is only natural that they do not sit right with everyone, and some may wish to withdraw their consent surrounding using cookies. If you are one of these people, you can quickly opt out of using cookies on the Bitcoin Loophole website.

To do so, simply visit your browser settings, check the box that allows you to disable cookies, and then click the other that effectively blocks cookies in your browser.

However, it is worth remembering that the deactivation of cookie technology can negatively affect your overall site experience, and some crucial site features may not be working as they should be.

9. Questions and remarks

These terms of use have been designed to explain the terms of using the Bitcoin Loophole website as straightforwardly as possible. But if you have any further questions, requests, or complaints about these terms, you are welcome to contact a member of the Bitcoin Loophole team, and one of our partners’ representatives will respond to you as fast as they can.

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