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Welcome to the official Privacy Statement of the Bitcoin Loophole website. This Privacy Statement provides a breakdown of how Bitcoin Loophole, as a Data Controller, collects and utilises the data on our site and the various methods we implement in order to give our users an improved experience of using the website.

As an established and highly regarded website, we prioritise the privacy of those who use our websites. As a result, we aim to only collect and process the minimum amount of Personal Data that the proper functioning of our website and services demands.

Throughout this official Bitcoin Loophole Privacy Statement, you may come across various words and terminology unique to the realm of online privacy. To ensure that you understand everything in this document, we have provided a helpful glossary of all terms used below.

Data Controller: The reason and methods of data control and processing fall under the jurisdiction of an appointed data controller.

Personal Data: From full names and current addresses to government-issued IDs, Personal Data defines any personally identifiable information of a person who can be legally identified, in accordance with Art.4(1) of the GDPR, which addresses the protection of Personal Data.

Processing of Personal Data: a term used to describe any task or operation surrounding the topic of Personal Data, such as the collection, recording, storage, organisation, updating, dissemination, retrieval, modification, merging, linking, blocking, erasure, transfer, and destruction of Personal Data.

GDPR: REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of April 27, 2016, on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of Personal Data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC.

Bitcoin Loophole Data Collection

The Bitcoin Loophole website generally collects two main types of Personal Data. They are Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Non-Personally Identifiable Information (Non-PII). We may collect them through the following methods:

(a) Information users consensually give to us: This is any Personal Data that users give to Bitcoin Loophole whenever they request information from us or fill in different forms on our website. All such operations require the user’s informed consent.

(b) Information about how the Bitcoin Loophole site is used: Traffic data, usage statistics, and other data collected from software like Google Analytics and other types of cookies used on our web pages.

(c) Contact with Bitcoin Loophole: Bitcoin Loophole may keep records of the correspondence of users with the website to provide more effective customer service.

Grounds for Data Collection and Processing

Bitcoin Loophole is in the position of the Data Controller when it comes to the Personal Data of those who use our website. We collect and process only the bare minimum of personal information that is required for the fulfilment of our services and for analysing our website’s performance. All data collection and processing is carried out with the user’s explicit and informed consent, in accordance with the GDPR and all other applicable privacy legislation so as to respect the user’s rights.

We collect data on the following legal grounds:

(a) Contractual: Bitcoin Loophole needs to collect certain user data in order to fulfil a contract formed with the client and provide the services they requested, such as account registration or communication, for instance.

(b) Consensual: additional personal information may be collected when the user shares it with Bitcoin Loophole willingly and consensually.

(c) Legal compliance: certain legislation related to privacy and data processing requires that Bitcoin Loophole collects some data from its users.

(d) Legitimate interest: Occasionally, Bitcoin Loophole may collect further user Personal Data for a respectable reason that is deemed more important than your privacy rights. Nevertheless, in all such cases, Bitcoin Loophole has an obligation to justify its legitimate interest in data collection or processing, as required by the Data Controller or by a third party. The user may contest data collection on legitimate interest grounds where such interests are overridden by the client’s freedoms and fundamental rights as defined by the applicable data protection laws.

Please note that Bitcoin Loophole does not keep any of the user data collected on its servers because it is not the Data Processor. When a customer registers with us and gives their informed consent, Bitcoin Loophole sends their Personal Data to a randomly assigned third-party broker, who then becomes the Data Processor.

If you have any questions about data processing, you are advised to turn to the Data Processor, who in this case is the third-party broker Bitcoin Loophole pairs the user with at registration.

Use of Your Personal Data

In general, Bitcoin Loophole as a Data Controller may utilise collected data for a range of purposes including, but not limited to:

(a) Better communication: We may use the data you consensually provide to us whenever you make contact with the Bitcoin Loophole team. We do this to provide better customer service by being able to fulfil your requests more effectively.

(b) Promotions of Bitcoin Loophole: From time to time, Bitcoin Loophole may offer limited-time promotions and deals our users may be interested in. After providing us with your consent, we may subsequently contact you to keep you informed of the opportunities available via promotional material.

(c) Security updates and improvements to user experience: To effectively maintain our website’s security and provide you with a better and safer user experience, we may use your Personal Data, particularly behavioural data collected through the use of cookies.

Cookies on Bitcoin Loophole

A cookie is a small file of text that gets sent to the device you use to access a website. It allows the site to recognise you upon subsequent visits to save you time and make your browsing experience more convenient.

Like any modern website, Bitcoin Loophole uses cookies to give our site users a better experience and make our web pages run more smoothly.

Nevertheless, you may decide that you wish to opt out of using cookies, although doing this can negatively affect your Bitcoin Loophole browsing experience. In that case, you can remove cookies through the browser settings of your device or decline them in the pop-up window that appears on your first visit to Bitcoin Loophole to inform you about cookie use.

Across the official Bitcoin Loophole site, we may utilise the following types of cookies:

(a) Functional cookies: This form of cookie enables a website to function as its web admins intended. Functional cookies play a crucial role in ensuring all of a site’s main features run smoothly. These cookies are widely used, and disabling them can be particularly harmful to your website browsing experience.

(b) Google Analytics: These cookies provide website owners with the chance to obtain valuable insights into how their website runs and how users interact with it, as well as to view other backend statistics to help in the optimisation of web pages. Bitcoin Loophole has an agreement with Google which means Google is unable to see or utilise any of the data collected with these cookies.

(c) Third-party cookies: These cookies are most commonly found via third parties and affiliate links on the Bitcoin Loophole website.

Storing Personal Data

As previously stated, we gather only the minimum information required for Bitcoin Loophole to offer its marketing services to prospective traders. Bitcoin Loophole does not store the Personal Data it collects. However, sometimes we may connect with third parties who will process the collected Personal Data upon request. If this happens, it will be carried out in line with data processing agreements, and your Personal Data will not be shared without your consent. The broker we connect the user to is responsible for storing and processing your data.

The third-party cryptocurrency and financial brokerages we relay our user’s data to follow the GDPR and other corresponding laws on data protection. Bitcoin Loophole will not share your data with them without your informed, freely-given consent.

Even so, we urge our customers to read the third-party broker’s Privacy Policy to inform themselves on how their data will be collected and processed.

Protecting Your Personal Data

The Bitcoin Loophole team has taken a range of precautionary steps to protect our users’ Personal Data, which vary between the type of data in question. Any Personal Data collected is only accessible to those that need to access the data for fundamental purposes, such as law enforcement or other government authorities.

Within Bitcoin Loophole, access to your information is restricted only to the minimum number of employees required to carry out our services. The Bitcoin Loophole staff is bound by comprehensive non-disclosure agreements and will not share your data without your consent.

Bitcoin Loophole may receive a legitimate request to share a user’s Personal Data by law enforcement or similar authorities. Depending on the request and its legitimacy, Bitcoin Loophole, as the responsible Data Controller, may be required to comply. In these cases, we shall inform the customer that a third party is requesting access to their personal data for legitimate reasons and ask for their consent, provided that consent is necessary. We ensure our clients that Bitcoin Loophole investigates such requests for access carefully on a case-by-case basis to decide if sharing user data is legitimately necessary or not. Bitcoin Loophole will only share the minimum amount of Personal Data required by law in these instances.

Furthermore, there are additional third parties that your Personal Data may be exposed to in the course of Bitcoin Loophole’s website operations. Alongside the third-party brokerages we have affiliate partnerships with, our hosting company must collect some Personal Data from our users as a legal, technical prerequisite crucial to the maintenance of Bitcoin Loophole. All Personal Data shared with third parties in this manner is carried out with the client’s explicit consent and in compliance with all applicable privacy laws and does not violate our users’ privacy rights and freedoms.

Your Personal Data Rights

In this section, we shall detail the most crucial rights that every Bitcoin Loophole user is afforded by privacy legislation regarding their Personal Data.

(a) Subject access: Bitcoin Loophole users can request access to all forms of their Personal Data that the website has collected.

(b) Adjustments: If a user believes that their Personal Data is incorrect, outdated, or inaccurate, they have the right to request that it is modified and updated.

(c) Deletion of Personal Data: Users can request that the Personal Data collected from the site be erased, provided that it meets certain conditions. In this case, Bitcoin Loophole can also contact any third-party data controllers or processors and request that they erase any of your Personal Data if they have copies of it.

(d) Transfer of Personal Data: Bitcoin Loophole users have the right to request that their Personal Data be transferred to a third party of their choice.

(e) Complaints: Site users have the right to raise an issue or complaint surrounding our use of their Personal Data with the relevant regulatory body in their country of residence.

Policy Changes

Bitcoin Loophole reserves its right to alter or amend this Privacy Statement, as well as any other content on our website(s), with or without providing prior notice to our customers. Any amendments made become valid from the moment they are published on our website. Your continued use of Bitcoin Loophole constitutes your consent to our content changes.

You are welcome to contact Bitcoin Loophole if you have any questions or issues surrounding this Privacy Statement.

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