Bitcoin Loophole Privacy Policy

Websites function mainly because of the information we share with our visitors. We obtain some information automatically, and you give us some directly. It’s therefore crucial that we sign an agreement on how we’ll use the information we have on you.

At Bitcoin Loophole, we care about your privacy and are ardently committed to providing a safe browsing experience. We endeavour to provide you with a secure platform that can allow you to concentrate on your trading activities.

Providing top-notch services means we may collect some of your personal information to optimise your experience. However, we shall only collect what is described in this policy. And, you can trust that none of your information or private details will ever be used outside the confines of the law and this Privacy Policy.

1.0 Introduction

1.1 By simply using our website or any of our features, we assume that you have already read, agreed, and consented to this Privacy Policy.

1.2 In this Privacy Policy, “we, “us,” and “our company” shall refer to Bitcoin Loophole. “You” shall refer to visitors to our website or users of any feature on, apps, or any other platform that is part of our brand.

1.3 “Personal information” refers to your location, IP address, email, address, password, payment details, device, or any other information that falls under the category of personal data as per the law.

1.4 All information we collect from you is to provide the seamless functioning of any features on our website. Providing this information will help you gain access to support, registration, and content.

1.5 Our Privacy Policy demonstrates our high level of commitment to Fair Practice and transparency. We only collect the information we need and use it to the extent that the law and this Privacy Policy allow us.

1.6 Bitcoin Loophole shall only collect the personal information listed in this Privacy Policy. We shall not obtain any information from you if you don’t allow us.

1.7 We shall never use your private data in any other way that’s not provided or described on this page.

1.8 We shall never store any of your details for longer than necessary.

2.0 You can browse the website anonymously as long as you do it to the extent that the law permits.

2.1 At no time shall we give away your personal information to any third party unless we’re compelled to do so by the law.

2.2 We shall never sell, rent out or give away any information to third parties unless as we have described in this Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

2.3 If we enter into a major franchise, partnership, or rebranding, your personal information will be part of the assets that we shall either share or transfer. Your data will be managed and governed as per the agreement in that partnership from that time on. 

2.4 You must provide correct information.

2.5 We have all rights to change, alter or edit the contents of this Privacy Policy. We may email the changes to our loyal subscribers. However, no law obliges us to do so, and we, therefore, encourage you to read this page regularly to know when any clause is changed.

3.0 Information we collect

In this section, we elaborate on the collection, storage, and use of your personal information. Our login and sign-up forms collect data that includes email, username, and password. The law demands that you provide accurate information. The contact forms will take your name and email. Then, some cookies will store and send your browsing history. The information we collect gives you an identity and provides you with a seamless experience when browsing our website.

3.1 Registration Data

To enjoy our services, you may want to register for an account. We’ll ask for your email address, contact info, and password to complete your registration. When you have an account with us, you’re able to enjoy our premium services.

3.2 Payment Info

If you want to make any payments on the broker’s platform, you may wish to provide your payment information. The payment details we collect will depend on the method you choose. We don’t directly handle any of your financial or payment info.

3.3 Technical Data

Bitcoin Loophole may collect unidentifiable personal information through our servers and log files. Our web servers create log files automatically to assist with a seamless experience. The data stored on a log file includes your name, IP address, device, time stamp, and ISP provider. Also, the info may consist of your MAC address and type of browser. All information we collect from you shall be used for web analytics purposes only.

3.4 Device Information

Bitcoin Loophole may obtain information about your device. The tablet, smartphone, computer, or any other device that you use to access our website will help us know whether our design is good enough for that specific device. Also, we may collect info about your browser, operating system, and IP address.

4.0 Use of information by third parties

4.1 Bitcoin Loophole has functionalities that may yield information to third parties. The Comment, Like, or Share features give your information to third parties.

4.2 Applications, Social Media websites, and search engines may collect some of your information, including your device type, IP address, and time on the website, to personalise their services for you.

4.3. Our third-party partners, such as advertisers and crawlers, may collect some of your info for analytical purposes.

4.3.1 Advertisers may collect personal information to personalise their ads and services to you.

4.3.2 Also, governmental and quasi-governmental institutions may use these details for demographic studies.

4.4 The use of such information shall only be bound by those specific companies’ privacy policies or online services.

5.0 Links to Other Sites

Bitcoin Loophole may have links to other websites. Those websites may have different privacy policies from ours, and we encourage you to read them deeply before you visit them.

6.0 Children Protection

We vehemently prohibit minors’ registration (anyone younger than 18 years or 21 years old, depending on your country) on our platform. If we ever notice that a minor has provided any information to us, we shall investigate the matter and delete all their data saved on our servers.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, reach out to us through our email and contact forms.

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